CO2 Emissions and Fossil Energy Use Benefits
Time and again, world governments, non-governmental organizations, international agencies, societal think tanks, and even respectable scientific organizations attempting to assess the potential consequences of the ongoing rise in the air's CO2 content have spent multiple millions of dollars writing and promoting large reports about it. Yet, in nearly all of these endeavors they have failed miserably by not properly evaluating, or even acknowledging, the manifold real and measurable benefits of this phenomenon on the human environment. As a result, many important and positive impacts of atmospheric CO2 enrichment and fossil energy use remain underappreciated and largely ignored in the debate over what to do, or not do, about future anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

In the sections below we hignlight many of these neglected features, which, when properly accounted for, make it clear that (1) atmospheric CO2 is an aerial fertilizer, not an airborne pollutant, (2) fossil energy enhances civilization and the human experience, it doesn't diminish it, and (3) more, not less, fossil energy is needed to enhance and protect the human environment.

Without adequate supplies of low-cost centralized energy, few, if any, of the major technological and innovative advancements of the past two centuries that have enhanced and prolonged human life could have occurred. Additionally, without the increased CO2 emissions from fossil fuel use over the past two centuries, Earth's terrestrial biosphere would be nowhere near as vigorous or productive as it is today. Rather, it would be devoid of the growth-enhancing, water-saving and stress-alleviating benefits it has reaped in managed and unmanaged ecosystems from rising levels of atmospheric CO2 since the Industrial Revolution began. When considering and accounting for such positive improvements, plus the fact that none of the apocalyptic predictions of climate catastrophe are coming true, it truly becomes scientifically and morally indefensible to demonize fossil energy and claim CO2 emissions are a current threat to human health and welfare as so many ill-informed persons do today.

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