Benefits of CO2 Emissions and Fossil Energy Use to the Natural World
Atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) is not a pollutant. On the contrary, this colorless, odorless and tasteless trace gas is an elixir of life. It is the primary raw material out of which plants construct their tissues, which in turn are the materials out of which animals construct theirs. This knowledge is so well established, in fact, that we humans -- and all the rest of the biosphere -- are described in the most basic of terms as carbon-based lifeforms.

In recent years, too many persons appear to have forgotten (or ignore) this fact, and it seems that all we ever hear about atmospheric CO2 nowadays are the presumed negative consequences of its increasing concentration. Reality, however, is just about the polar opposite; instead of being feared, the ongoing rise in the air's CO2 content should be welcomed.

In the links below, we provide verifiable evidence in support of the thesis with regard to the natural world -- the world of nature! Check back often, as we will be updating this section of our website frequently with new material.

Plant Productivity

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