Federal and State Policy Issues

As we describe in our mission statement, one primary goal of the Institute is to reverse the 2009 EPA CO2 Endangerment Finding to allow the fulsome use of fossil fuels and attendant CO2 emissions to continue in the United States and abroad. Such use will have the desirable effect of putting more CO2 in the atmosphere, benefitting human health and welfare and allowing the continued industrial evolution of the human community. It is the Institute for the Human Environment that has the unique legal and scientific visions and skill to achieve EPA reversal of the CO2 Endangerment Findings.

Even as the institute presses the legal case at EPA, we will engage at the state level urging a reversal of policies that are designed to eliminate the use of fossil fuels, state by state. Once EPA reverses CO2 Endangerment, success at the state level follows as night follows day. There would remain no legal basis under federal and state law to outlaw the use of fossil fuels based on CO2 emissions, the relevant statutes at the federal level being the law of the land on interstate emissions. Recognition by EPA of CO2 as a benign gas required for life on earth and of benefit to the Human Environment, means state prohibition falls under both state and federal constitutions.

Engagement with the Green Left on the merits of CO2 as the Institute proposes, is essential to preserve our societal right to use of oil and natural gas, as well as coal. A look at what is happening right now to the demise of coal based electricity caused in large part by EPA CO2 Endangerment is both useful and a clear and present warning to both natural gas and oil interests of what will happen if concerned citizens don't engage and support the efforts of the Institute.

In December 2009 the Obama EPA issued the CO2 Endangerment Findings defaming and branding CO2, an elixir of life, a "dangerous pollutant." In doing so they decreed CO2 a "current" and future threat to the health and well-being of the American people, "current" and future generations alike.

Through this action Obama set the stage for a dramatic reduction in coal power through issuance of additional CO2 restrictions in the form of the Clean Power Plan. While the regulations never took effect the regulated utility sector seized on it and commenced shutdown of numerous coal power plants, the major factor in the acute reduction of coal power today and additional reductions on the way. The lawyers answering to President Obama enabled him to literally fulfill his arrogant and soulless 2008 campaign promise to bankrupt large parts of the coal industry. The President was the proximate cause of decimating the lives of working men and women and the communities they lived in and supported through this hubris.

But for Obama, coal company bankruptcies would not have occurred nor would they still. Also, but for Obama, current state campaigns to eliminate all fossil fuel use would not have occurred as the EPA Endangerment Finding sits in front of us all every day. CO2 Endangerment allows anti-CO2 initiatives by government at all levels to proceed unchallenged. EPA CO2 Endangerment is the law of our land and it must be repealed.

EIA figures tell the story of the demise of US coal production and consumption:
- In 2008 coal use reached a peak where the electric power sector consumed 1 billion tons of coal.
- In 2009 the EPA CO2 Endangerment Finding was entered.
- In 2020 EIA estimates electric power consumption of 525 million tons of coal.
- In future years still more coal plants are scheduled to close with Moody's predicting under 300 million tons of coal for electric power consumption by 2030.
- And of course it is the goal of the Bloomberg Beyond Carbon Campaign to close all coal plants by 2030. There would be no basis for this abhorrent effort but for EPA CO2 Endangerment.

The Institute's policy efforts include effective education and opposition to efforts seeking to halt CO2 emissions and/or ban the use of any fossil fuel, including oil, coal and natural gas. Incredibly, it has now become the express goal of most leaders in the Democratic Party to outlaw the use of fossil fuels and seek criminal prosecution against fossil fuel company executives. If successful in these objectives, the pernicious result would deal a devastating blow to the US economy and that of the entire world as well. Everyone will suffer from energy-restrictive legislation, which will cause scarcity and higher-priced energy, the ultimate result being human conflict within the United States and abroad.

We offer an alternative and positive vision of an enhanced human environment resulting from rising levels of atmospheric CO2. It is the goal of our Institute to change the current trajectory of CO2 demonization and we must start by eliminating the most visible and important support for the agenda of the Green Left: EPA CO2 Endangerment.