In today's world it is almost impossible to avoid the seemingly daily deluge of pessimism surrounding climate change. Over and over again we hear the sometimes well-intended but still false narrative that dangerous climate change, caused by rising levels of atmospheric CO2, is presently occurring to the detriment and peril of humanity and the natural world. And because the combustion of fossil fuels is the principal source behind the CO2 rise, without fail the ultimate course of action proposed to save humanity and nature is for society to abandon all use of fossil fuels. Ergo, there exists a very vocal and determined portion of the population that seeks to enforce government and private sector efforts to restrict fossil fuel use via tax, caps or fiat limits on CO2 emissions.

Reality, however, paints a much different picture. The real story, as elucidated here on our website, is that there is no upcoming climate catastrophe and CO2 emissions and fossil energy should be celebrated for enhancing life and improving the standard of living for humanity and the natural world, and they will continue to do so as more fossil fuels are used in the future. Consequently, efforts to restrict CO2 emissions or limit fossil energy should be avoided, as such actions will most certainly bring about adverse outcomes and unintended consequences that will harm humanity and nature.

In this section of our website, we review current and/or proposed policy actions at the Federal, State and other municipal levels that infringe upon fossil fuel use. We also provide details on our partnership with CoalZoom to save U.S. coal.

In time, the material posted here will grow in breadth and depth. And, as occasion permits, we will review and analyze the policy positions of major candidates and political party platforms.