Carbon Dioxide and the "Climate Crisis" - Avoiding Plant and Animal Extinctions
An Investigative Documentary by CO2Science

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NASA's James Hansen claim that in response to CO2-induced global warming, "polar species can be pushed off the planet, as they have no place else to go," and that life in alpine regions "is similarly in danger of being pushed off the planet," while England's Sir John Houghton says "we are in danger of losing thousands, if not millions, of species because of climate change."

These ominous words of warning sound logical enough, but are they true? In this second production of our CARBON DIOXIDE AND THE "CLIMATE CRISIS" series, we explore this question via a review of the findings of numerous researchers who have reported their real-world observations -- as opposed to the hypothetical scenarios of Hansen and Houghton -- in peer-reviewed scientific literature. What they have found will truly amaze you.

Video Transcript